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Most chiropractors use special tools to examine a patient. Some of these tools are very complicated and others are simple. These instruments can be used for evaluating range of motion, temperature, muscle balance, nerves or posture of your body, neck, arms or legs.

Many of these tools are used by chiropractors and seldom by medical doctors. Some of these instruments are common to both chiropractic and medicine. It is very common for chiropractors to find problems that medical doctors do not in patients with non-emergency types of disorders. The tools and methods the chiropractor uses often reflect a different approach to health care that uncovers the problem when other methods fail.

These instruments can also help the patient to visualize the results of the test. This type of patient involvement and education is again different than the often impersonal or uncommunicative manner the medical profession takes to nerve, muscle or skeletal problems.

Ask your chiropractor about the special assessments performed on you or how the examination by the chiropractor differs from medical evaluation for various disorders.


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Chiropractic Technology
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