About Our Practice

What makes our care so special?
                                               . . . THE RESULTS! 

We've helped hundreds of people just like you who didn't want pain to get in the way of living.

Our care is unique.  Dr. Lynne Sullivan has thoroughly researched her technique to offer the best care available.  Numerous patients travel many miles to receive care in our office. Patients are able to achieve results here where other methods have fallen short or failed.

This practice has been built on referrals. We are currently welcoming new patients, if you are happy with your care, please tell your family and friends.

We welcome You - to the beginning of the end of your pain, We look forward to helping you move toward better health.


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Life is better when you're well adjusted!
Sullivan Chiropractic Health Center

Contact Information:

10055 Wolf Road ste #4
Grass Valley, CA 95949
Phone: (530) 718-4102

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