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Dr. Lynne Sullivan with patientsSullivan Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Grass Valley Patients Say

At Sullivan Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Carmel M.Literally a Miracle

I’ve always been a big believer in Chiropractic as I’ve been under the care of probably a dozen chiropractors over the past 30 years, several of whom I worked for in the 80s and 90s. I can honestly say Dr. Lynne is exceptionally gifted, compassionate, and kind.

I was recently challenged by a debilitating muscle spasm. It was affecting my quality of life, sleep, and functioning and no amount of stretches, exercise, supplements, magnesium, tumeric, or anything else that I tried was reducing the severity. A few times it was so bad in the past few weeks that I was in bed in a fetal position unable to move. I was getting so worn down from the pain that I couldn’t think straight. I was even dreading how I was going to get through the holidays.

I have a high tolerance to pain and have had three natural child births but this pain was completely wearing me down. After one adjustment from Dr. Lynne the pain was 90% better and the spasm resolved. It was, literally, a miracle. After two adjustments I was 100% pain free for the first time in 6 weeks. I have much to be thankful for this holiday season but Dr. Lynne’s extraordinary care is at the top of my gratitude list. I’ve been telling everyone I know how great Dr. Lynne is!

– Carmel M.

The Erickson’s Story

Erickson FamilyAnne’s Chiropractic story started at age 21 (unfortunately, instead of at birth like the children). She has an S-curve scoliosis which has caused numerous symptoms such as breathing issues, chronic pain, and infertility. She was introduced to the Gonstead Approach at age 34 and within a year she was pregnant.

Steve’s Chiropractic story started when his oldest son was born 15 years ago. He struggled with chronic cold sores which have now been minimized to 1 a year.

Christian, a gift to us through adoption is 15. He has been adjusted since 3 months old weekly. He has only used antibiotics one time in his life. Weekly Chiropractic has created a strong immunity to illness.

Jack, Chiropractic success, is 12 years old. He has never needed antibiotics and is adjusted weekly with no health problems. We are forever believers in this holistic approach to life and very much appreciate Lynn’s Family Wellness Plan.

-Anne 49, Steve 49, Jack 12, Christian 15

Irene H.Chiropractic Saved Me

I am a appreciative patient of Sullivan Chiropractic! I believe in chiropractic completely. The care given in this practice excels others. Since I was a young girl the chiropractic business has saved me from so many ailments. It can keep one from unnecessary surgeries, unnecessary pills and can keep one fit physically with the tools the doctors recommends! I highly stand behind Doctor Sullivan’s care of the whole body and person. I have been to many chiropractors over my lifetime and her care stands out of all the rest.

– Irene H.

Chiropractic Saved Me From Surgery

Carl B.A message to all beings with a SPINE; I have been a patient of Doctor Lynne Sullivan for about three months now and I have to share my story of the incredible success we have achieved so far.

I am a professional Jeweler and Goldsmith and have also lived a very enjoyable but very high impact life style. I. E. Football, wrestling, Rugby, mountain and road biking, snowboarding, even gymnastics since grade school. Unfortunately not having any feline ancestry, landing on my feet was just not my style. About 3 years ago I came down with a horrible respiratory infection with a cough that I thought caused me to separate some ribs from my spinal area. It felt like I had been stabbed right between the shoulder blades with a hot knife. This prompted me to seek medical attention.

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I was never really diagnosed with anything they could name so the medical Doctor prescribed prednisone for the respiratory infection, Narco and Nortriptyline for the nerve pain that was so intense that I can’t begin to explain it. Soon to follow was numbing down my left arm, followed by weakness and intense pain from the base of my neck to the tips of my fingers on my left side. At my absolute insistence I was able to convince the medical Doctor to take X-rays and several MRIs that revealed some of the problems with my spinal assembly. This prompted a meeting with a neurosurgeon that gave me the disappointing news that I my need surgery and a few vertebrae fused together to correct the problem. I asked about his input on the success of such a procedure and was appalled to hear him reply “it’s about a 50/50 chance that it would improve the weakness and paralysis. To further the problem the Neurosurgeon explained that it would be the beginning of an ongoing process of having to continue to fuse more vertebrae as time would require. NOT EVEN AN OPTION I was willing to consider.

I am ecstatic about being able to squeeze toothpaste onto a toothbrush, open jars and getting back the full use of my left hand for the first time in almost two years. I owe it to the expert chiropractic care I have been and look forward to receiving from Doctor Lynne Sullivan.

– Carl B.

Susan C.Low Back & Neck Pain Relief

I initially sought chiropractic care for relief of extreme low back and neck pain. As most people I did have some questions if it would work or not, however, I took a leap of faith and have never doubted my decision. Dr. Sullivan is extremely kind and positive in her approach which sets any fears at ease. I have found relief in my troubled areas and can go about my normal daily functions. I also stretch and walk. I am much more aware of overall health and its relation to my issues. For others, try not to look to medication for relief of your pain. By chiropractic methods you will find an easy and complete solution.

– Susan C.

Dr. Lynne Made My Pain Disappear

Neena M.Dr Lynne’s office is quiet and unassuming…very pleasant.

I had no doubts that chiropractic could help. It’s helped me before……my body is very responsive to adjustments over the years which drastically helped me. I had no fears at all because most of my past experiences were positive. While the adjustments can be difficult to handle, I know that ultimately I would be getting the needed help. I had faith in the process and my confidences were justified.

Dr Lynne did a good job at helping me understand the long term process of my treatment. Everything she said has been right on point. Dr Lynne definitely responds to my needs and concerns and gives me the answers I needed.

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My main issue stems from a congenital anomaly called sacralization. This condition did not become an issue until my 40’s and 50’s. My body/spine has compensated for a life time. Dr Lynne diagnosed me with a subluxation of the S/I Joint.

Under Dr Lynne’s care, my treatment has been a huge success. I no longer feel deformed or crippled. I still have stiffness in the mornings, but my mobility has improved so drastically that it has been life changing. I’m still mistrustful at this point to move as freely as I can because I suffered for so many months. I had gone to other chiropractors who could not figure out my issue and failed to treat me in a way that actually handled the issue. I did not improve under their care unfortunately. I’m thankful I found Dr Lynne!!!! She’s the only one who made my pain disappear.

I have SO MUCH more energy now because I don’t exhaust myself with processing so much pain as I had before. I do not have to go as slow with my projects because I’m not as fearful of injuries like before. Life is a pleasure!!!! I can currently do so much more because my mobility has improved so much. I can do light garden work, clean, watch kids etc. I am confident about being able to travel again now too.

I do believe children should be looked at and possibly receive adjustments. I sort of wish we did that with my daughter who has scoliosis. I do have many family members who definitely could benefit from chiropractic.

– Neena M.

Numbness Gone

Toni M.I was experiencing numbness down my left leg as well as lower back pain on a daily basis. The pain was so constant that it was also interrupting my sleep at night.

I found Dr. Lynn Sullivan on Nextdoor, the neighborhood website. I called her one afternoon and she had me in to see her 2 hours later. She took one look at me and said that I could definitely be helped by her. I was given an adjustment and felt immediately relief.

To date, I have experienced no more numbness, ankle pain or Restless Leg Syndrome, and sleep well at night. I enjoy hearing the little health facts during my visits. They are encouraging and informative.

– Toni M.


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